If you have been invited to Sage Valley by a Sage Member, we sincerely look forward to serving you and are honored by the opportunity. To prepare for your visit and to familiarize you with the Club, we have outlined a few of our traditions that we expect our members and their guests to respect and adhere to.


While at Sage Valley, all your usage charges will be applied to your host member’s account. However, you may pay for merchandise in both the golf shop or gun club shop with cash, check or credit card. Caddy fees must be handled through the golf shop and can not be given directly to the caddie. Caddie fees can be applied to the host member account or paid for at the completion of the round. Any caddie fee paid for with a credit card will have a 3% fee applied.


Proper attire is expected while on Club grounds. This includes the restriction of denim at all times, including arrivals and departures. Gentlemen are expected to wear slacks during the months of November through March. Shorts are permitted only during the months of April through October. Collared shirts are expected to be worn while playing golf or dining. Shorts and t shirts are permitted while using the fitness center. Gentlemen are expected to have their shirts tucked in at all times. Ladies are considered to be in appropriate attire when wearing sport blouses or shirts and slacks or skirts.

Tank tops, t shirts and flip flops are not permitted on Club grounds outside of the cottages.

Gentlemen are required to wear a blazer when dining in the Main Dining Room in the evening. Ties are not required. Blazers are not required for dinner service in other areas in the Club.

For those enjoying their evening meal in the clubhouse, slacks are required in the Grille Room and in the Main Dining Room. Shorts are permitted for dinner in the 19th hole and on the verandah.

For those traveling to and from the fitness center, exercise apparel may be worn while traveling to and from your cottage

Gentlemen are expected to remove their hats/caps when indoors.


Sage Valley maintains a non-tipping policy and we ask that all guests respect this policy. Gratuities are not expected for services rendered by the staff of Sage Valley.


Every player will be assigned a professional caddie to assist them while they enjoy their round on the 18-hole course. Caddies may be used on the par three course but are not required.

Caddies are compensated for their round based upon the level of service delivered. A base rate of $100 per loop is applied for each round played. Your caddie may reactive additional compensation up to a maximum of $160 per loop. This amount is determined by your host upon completion of your round. All caddie compensation must go through the pro shop, no direct compensation to the caddie is permitted. Caddies receive 100% of all compensation designated by the player.

If you are being hosted by a member as an unescorted guest, the caddie fees for your loop(s) have been preset at $160 per loop.

Players are requested to have a golf bag suitable for carrying which means it should be of a “smaller” size, void of excess clubs and balls and have suitable shoulder straps. “Tour Bags” are discouraged and will be changed out for a courtesy bag for the round.

Caddies are schooled in the expectations of etiquette on the course and players are asked to comply with any feedback provide by them

golf carts

“Golf, As It Should Be” is foundational at Sage Valley. In pursuit of this vision, it is the expectation that Sage Valley is a walking course where players can have fellowship with one another and their caddies. While carts are not forbidden, they should only be used when needed for health or mobility reasons.

pace of play

Golf at Sage Valley should be enjoyed at a reasonable pace of play. It is understood that not everyone will play at the same pace, but it is expected that should your group be approached by another group playing at a faster pace and a gap is open in front of you, you should allow the faster group top play through at your earliest opportunity.

cell phones

Sage Valley understands the connection most have with their phones and electronic devices. However, while at Sage it is the expectation that members and guests “disconnect” from their devices and be respectful of those around them. Cell phones are not permitted to be used for phone calls except in the cottages and in the locker rooms. Those observed talking on the phone on the grounds, course, dining rooms or outside of the locker rooms will be reminded of this policy and moved into an acceptable location to return the call.

shipping clubs

Clubs may be shipped to Sage Valley in advance of your visit. If you intend to ship your clubs, please address the clubs to Sage Valley Golf Club, 2240 Sage Valley Drive, Graniteville, SC 29829. Please ensure that your name is on the package as well as on tour bag inside the package. If you wish to ship your clubs home following your visit, please see one of the Professionals in the Golf Shop to fill out a shipping label.


Access to Sage Valley is restricted to Sage Valley Members and their invited guests. Membership at Sage Valley is offered to a limited number of individuals through an invitation-only process. This exclusivity affords the Club and staff the opportunity to deliver the extraordinary personalized service that is signature to the Sage Valley experience.